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How can I find out about the NYHA's pre-registration for the upcoming season?

In February of each year, current members are given forms to register for the upcoming fall season (pre-registration) prior to the Association having open registration for individuals not currently enrolled in the NYHA.  Concurrent with the distribution of the forms to the team manager’s in the team mailbox, a broadcast e-mail message is sent to all the members, an announcement is placed on the NYHA web site, and announcement of the pre-registration period is included in the Association newsletter distributed electronically to all current members.

How can I find a listing of the players on each House team?

Player and team assignments are posted on the NYHA Web site following each player House draft.

How can I find the hours for the NYHA Office?

The office hours are posted on the window by the NYHA office.  Hours are also posted on the Web site.

How soon can I expect a return call from the NYHA Office?

A log is kept in the NYHA Office of all calls that come in and what action was taken.  All calls are returned the next business day. 

What is the NYHA's policy regarding responding to e-mails?

All e-mails are returned by the next business day.

How do managers find out when time-sensitive materials are placed in their team mailbox at the rink?

When time-sensitive material is placed in the team mail boxes, team managers are notified via e-mail.