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Dues | Payments


The Novi Youth Hockey Association offers online and credit card payments via Square or by check delivered to the office. Please click the links to access your applicable dues page.

Online Payments

Click below to submit a payment to the NYHA. Please note the team, age group, level and details to ensure that payments are processed properly.


Current Registration Fees

Before 7/31, Resident Before 7/31, Non-Resident After 7/31, Resident After 7/31, Non-Resident
$175 $200 $225 $250

Current Dues Schedule

First Payment / Season Start Installment Due Date Installment Due Date Installment Due Date Installment Due Date
8/15/21 (Due at first skate) 9/15/21 10/15/21 11/15/21 12/15/21

NOTE - When processing a payment, please note the player's name, team and payment type in the notes section.

Dues Coverage

The NYHA is a volunteer run non-profit, meaning that we only charge dues to cover costs!

At some associations, there is a bare bones advertised cost to get you in the door. The NYHA does our best to limit these unexpected charges, by rolling up as many static charges as we can into your dues.

In your membership with the NYHA, the following are covered:

- Ice Schedule - Skills Progression Program access*
- Districts Registration** - League Registration (I-275 or LCAHL)
- Professional Coaches - Jerseys AND Socks***

NOTE - The NYHA leaves variable charges to be handled by the teams, as these can range from one team to the next and leaves flexibility for each team to decide collectively, how much more they want to spend. This includes, but is not limited to: Ref fees, tournaments, additional team/spirit wear, specialists, additional ice time not covered by the league, etc. Your team coach/manager will discuss these with you prior to the start of the season. The dues are front loaded, for less payments.

* This is a sponsored program and NYHA members receive access to this program free of charge as a part of their membership, with no additional cost added to their dues.
** The first round of districts ice time and registration is included. Travel for championships, states, etc is classified as a variable rate.

*** 6U and 8U only receive one jersey set

Discount Terms, Conditions and Eligibility

All discounts will be applied to the payment schedule.

  • First Time Family Discount -  Applied to new members of the NYHA only.
  • Referral Discount -  Both parties must inform the NYHA of the referral via email to If indicated, the existing NYHA family receives a referral discount and the new family will receive the first time family discount. Only new members are eligible as a referral. A referral discount is still applied if a goaltender is referred, however, the goaltender will not receive any addtional rebates (see below). Existing NHYA members will receive a partial rebate on their dues, for all referrals, once their referral completes the season.
  • Sibling Discount - This will be applied for each additional player after the first player is processed.
  • Goaltending Incentive Program - All house(Tier 3) level goaltenders, 10U and older, that commit to being full time goalies for the entire season, will get 50% off of their league  dues, through the NYHA.
    NOTE - Members which participate in the Goaltending Incentive Program, are ineligible for additional discounts, due to the already heavily discounted rate.