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Officials Information - 2021 - 2022 Seminar and Officials Registration  

Officials Information - 2021 - 2022 Seminar and Officials Registration  

Interested in becoming an Ice Hockey Official?

2021 - 2022 Registration is now open... 
Subject: would like to become a referee?

RULE CHANGE YEAR for USA Hockey  - you can find complete information and links at our page​


Any questions, feel free to contact us.

Are you interested in working games for USA Hockey?


To completely register with USA Hockey as an official you need to complete five steps each year (go to Registration Tips for more information):

Officials registration for the 2021-22 season will open on June 1. However, since the updated playing rules will not be adopted until the USA Hockey Annual Congress in mid-June, hard copies of the 2021-25 Officials Playing Rules and Casebook will not be available until early August. A summary of the adopted rule changes and a PDF version of the updated rulebook should be available relatively soon after the Annual Congress. As a result, the open book exam, online module curriculum and seminar program will become available during the week of June 21.


Thank you for your interest in the USA Hockey Officiating Program. Due to recent events we must preface our outline of the Registration process by mentioning that a few states have been experiencing conflicts with child labor laws. USA Hockey has no age restrictions for officiating; however in an effort to prevent people from registering and not being able to work due to labor laws we encourage you to contact your USA Hockey District Referee-in-Chief before registering with us. RIC contact information can be found using the appropriate links at the main Officiating Directory page under the Officials tab at


AAU Registration Information and Link

Mite Travel and other levels that fall under AAU sanctioning.


Teams are issued a login account to view schedules, add games, see and evaluate officials.  Have forum and communication tools with us and other teams within your association.  Many other neat features such as document uploads, video uploads to share with the association community.  Plus many other tools too numerous to list here.

A phone app is also available as part of the system to have with you to verify and/or confirm official assignments or check to make sure you submitted that game to be added, changed or cancelled.

The option of allowing teams to add their own games directly to their schedule is open and/or submission by sending us the request(s) via email and we'll input the information...


Norman Kawaelde

Referee Scheduler

Great Lakes Hockey Officials

Check our site for all sanctioning registration information and links.

What And Who Is The Referee Liaison?

The purpose of the Referee Liaison is to serve as a resource for feedback regarding the performance of referees officiating in our Association.  The Referee Liaison for our Association is Kosta Vrahnos.  He will only communicate with the head coach or his permanent designee.

Please do not contact him regarding judgment calls.  Too many variables exist to make judgment a reasonable complaint.   Perspective (how you view something versus how the official views it) is usually different. 
Technical issues can be improved.  Poor signals, out of position, frequently missing obvious calls. 

The Referee Liaison will track both the referee and the  coach/representative.  This allows for the occasional “bad game”.  As necessary, the Referee Liaison will report to a USA Hockey Referee RIC (Referee In Charge, a USA Hockey appointee) or Supervisor who will contact the referee in question and work to correct the situation.  Likewise if the same coach keeps popping up. 

The scheduling system has an evaluation form that takes a minute to complete and is available after each game.  Found under "my game schedule" for the team account.  We welcome teams to evaluate officials on every game both positive and negative.  These can be submitted anonymously if you chose.