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UPDATE - April 2nd, 2021; Updates to Covid Testing Protocols

By NYHA, 04/05/21, 8:30AM EDT


On March 19, 2021 the State of Michigan implemented a Covid Testing Protocol for all Michigan High School student athletes ages 13 and above.

That order has also gone into effect beginning April 2, 2021 for all youth participating in a contact sport, ice hockey is included. The NYHA and any youth sports organization are required to comply with these orders for the remainder of this season. We are also required to participate in the MI Safer Sports Testing Program, in order to allow our membership to continue to play sports.

The order requires that all players get a COVID test weekly and provide proof of a negative result to the hockey association. A rapid Antigen test is allowable to be compliant with this order. One can be obtained in a variety of ways. Your school Athletic Department is probably the easiest and most convenient provider as they have testing available and are able to administer it on premises. There is no charge to get tested at your school. Many other resources are available within the community that also offer the testing free of charge. Though we make no recommendations many local pharmacys offer this testing. CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid are just a few that offer a number of convenient testing locations, however, many do require a pre-arranged testing appointment.  You may also wish to visit your local county health website for additional testing providers.

Any athlete age 13 and up will be required to fill out the MI Safer Sports Covid 19 Program Participant Code of Conduct Form. It is available through the links included below. In addition, each athlete will be required to provide the NYHA a Statement of Negative Results form every indicating that a test was administered. 

If your player test is positive, they may not participate in any team activities and must follow CDC guidelines for quarantine protocol. If you wish, you may be retested using a more accurate PCR test and if that test is negative you may return to play. 

If you have tested positive for COVID within the last 90 days no testing is required. However, you will need to provide a statement from your doctor or show official documentation from the hospital or care facility showing your diagnosis. Vaccinated players must continue to test weekly. 

Any reporting of the results are the responsibility of the testing facility and not the Novi Youth Hockey Association. 

This order is set to expire on April 22, 2021 we will continue to monitor any changes to the order and advise of any updates and or extension.

Code of Conduct: The code of conduct form from MAHA must be filled out and submitted. This can be found here.

Weekly Negative Results: The weekly, negative results form from MAHA can be found here.

See the news report here: